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Stronger Together

Well, Rally Day is here! The rooms are ready. The lessons are prepared. Teachers and leaders have been recruited and trained. It’s time for you to once again register and bring your children to Sunday School. But, stop! Wait! Don’t just fall into the same routine as in years past. Challenge yourself and your family. Partner with us at Beautiful Savior!

If you bring your child to Sunday School every week, that’s about 40 hours of learning and growing a year at church. At the same time, you as parents have around 3,000 hours a year at home to teach your children. CHURCH and HOME are two powerful influences on your child’s life. They both have been created by God for us to demonstrate God’s plan of redemption and salvation through Jesus Christ. Sure, they’re influential on their own, but what if they partnered together? How much stronger would the impact be?

God is at work telling a story of redemption and restoration in your family. God has chosen you. He has gifted you. He will use you to tell His story to your children for the next generation. The truth is, what happens in the home is more important than what happens at church. And that’s why we’re here to help! This year at Beautiful Savior you are invited to come and let Jesus Christ work in your heart so that your children will see His grace and love modeled before them. We, as a church, are committed to teaching, encouraging, and challenging you so that you can strengthen your children’s faith—faith that cannot be shaken by the “stuff” of this world. Don’t, for a minute, believe that you are not capable and qualified to be the spiritual leader in your family. Instead, learn to cooperate with what God is doing in your heart each day. Wondering how is this going to happen?

The north end of the Beautiful Savior campus is “Family Central”! Everything Beautiful Savior does (outside of worship) to help families live each week as committed followers of Christ, takes place here. From the Child Development Center to senior high student ministry, from Faith Basics for middle schoolers to parenting and marriage discussions for adults, it’s all here. The foundation of all this is the 9:45am hour on Sunday mornings—each family member participates in experiences designed to let God accomplish His redeeming and restoring work. This is where church and home meet! This is where each becomes stronger through partnering!

Perhaps you are already bringing your child or teen as often as possible. And that’s a good start. You may ask, what else can I do? Here are three things:

  1. Pray regularly for God to work in the hearts of your family members, including yours.

  2. Be here with your children and teens each Sunday at 9:45am. While they connect in Sunday School and Bible class, you have two options, both of which challenge and help you grow in your faith.

  • ​​Connect with other parents gathering in the Commons area to learn how to live out faith in your families. With God in control, it’s not rocket science, but it does take intention and persistence. Parents learn how to connect to God’s story each day, uncover something about life, and experience something together as family. No need to register for anything. Just come and meet others over a cup of coffee, discussing a topic related to the lesson children are learning about in their rooms.

  • Volunteer as a small group leader for children. It’s not hard. Leading the group with another volunteer, you’ll simply need to read through the lesson ahead of time and then come. Your main purpose is to enjoy a group of children who need adult mentors who love God. Contact Bill Johnson at to learn more and help out.

  1. Finally, watch as God transforms you and your family into a powerful extension of Jesus Christ in your home, school, workplace, community, and world.

Parenting is not for lone rangers. Community matters. Our goal is to connect the family and church so that together we can influence the next generation as much as possible. Will you commit one hour a week on Sunday mornings to grow in your faith and be supported by others? Your children, and you, will be blessed.

Bill Johnson

Faith Formation

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