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Fishers of Men

Every day in India brings new opportunities and great blessings. Today was no exception as the day started with many of the Moriah School’s children returned from holiday and we were able to greet them as we awaited breakfast.

Our journey south to our church visit wound through towns and villages before the road became a single lane and travelled alongside the Krishna River leading us to the village of Lankavani Dabba.

God is at work in this village surrounded by rice fields, and fish and shrimp ponds. We were warmly greeted by a burgeoning congregation and their families welcoming us with tossed flower pedals and leis. As the singing and Bible passages began, Bibles could be seen opened throughout the congregation as the worshipers followed along with the scripture readings. It was uplifting to see the vibrant and festive atmosphere also bringing many non-believing children and elders from the village into the service. God is at work here and throughout India growing his family of believers through outreach just like this. So began a growing cascade of blessings we were able to be a part of.

This church had outgrown its four walls which necessitated a new church and today we participated in a ground-breaking ceremony where we prayed blessings on their building project and laid bricks in the name of our Triune God as a foundation on Him who is our true foundation.

After the service and a congregational lunch of locally caught fish, we visited three families of the congregation for more fellowship and prayer over their families before once more witnessing the Krishna River and in the distance, the Bay of Bengal as the sun set.

The Bible Faith Lutheran Church in Lankavani Dabba listened when Christ instructed them to throw their nets over the side of the boat. His congregation knows and loves Christ as their Savior and loves to welcome others into their church while witnessing to those around them through loving and giving personal engagement and through loudspeaker broadcast of their heartfelt preaching and singing. These actions, out of love for Him, have created the terrific “problem” of a net that was too small to hold the catch of more saved souls and I am certain this love of Christ will eventually cause them to outgrow their soon-to-be built new church as they continue to throw their nets and fish as our Lord has commanded. To God be the glory!

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