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A Common Language


This is the only word I can say in Telegu, the local language. It's a good word which means, "hello" and "thank you". I would like to add a second word to my vocabulary and hopefully that word is not only easy to pronounce but also multi-purpose and easy to use. The reason for this? Words are very important.

Words and language allow us to share out stories and connect with the world around us. In Sunday morning worship, I heard three perfect words -words found in Telegu and in English! Excellent words for sharing and connecting.

We sang "hallelujah' to our Savior , and "Jesu Christu" or Jesus Christ.

Aren't these the best words we have to share our stories? The name of our God...multi-purpose, universal, shared by Christians everywhere, the name above all names.

Though thousands of miles away from our friends, we are totally connected to Christ! Hallelujah!

And don't worry! I didn't forget the third word. It was Amen...a shared amen where two different languages, cultures and peoples were able to say with one voice: Yes Lord, it shall be so!

Nancy Dierdorf

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