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A Firm Foundatiom

Semper Gumby.

It's become a motto of the trip thus far. Steve Hoem introduced it to us as we were learning of some more schedule changes on our congregational visits. Basically it means, "Always Flexible". The ironic thing today is that it actually lead us to a place of stability.

Our initial plan was to visit three separate congregations today. Instead, we ended up at a congregation that was celebrating a building dedication. They had just completed major interior renovations on the inside of their church. New walls. New altar area. New flooring. It was really beautiful. Below is a picture of the floor leading up to the new altar area.

Now I had been asked to speak for a very short time during the building dedication. The natural choice for this kind of opportunity is Matthew 16 because there we have this great confession of Peter that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. That confession, that truth, according to Jesus is the foundation on which the church is built. That included this church that had their building dedication today...and every church that confesses Christ as Lord.

And because of Semper Gumby, that is the place where we were led...from the place of flexibility to the firm and immovable foundation of Christ our Savior.

It's funny how God does that isn't it? How He can take schedule changes, chaos, and even downright confusion and bring us back to himself? It's what He did today for us and I can guarentee that He';that it's what he does for you each and every day. So when you find yourself in the chaos, confusion, and changes of life...when you find yourself living into the motto of Semper Gumby...just remember that God in Christ uses it to bring you back to a place of certainty and bring you back to the firm foundation...Jesus the Christ! The Son of the Living God!

Please enjoy some pictures from our day down below. They include handing out pictures that the children from our Child Development Center had made as well as a prayer shawl to a pastor's wife and many other great things today!

God's Blessings to you and yours!

Pastor Joe Behnke