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Staff Spotlight: Meet Kate & Jenna

This month Connected features two of our Child Development Center staff, Kate Pegg and Jenna Roebuck, who work in the Infant Room. Kate has been with the Center since it opened in September 2017, and Jenna joined the team shortly thereafter in October. Kate and Jenna are committed to the Center’s mission “to connect children with God’s love through early care and education.”

Kate Pegg, Infant Room Teacher

My family: My family is the center of my world. They keep me going each and every day to wake up the next day striving to be better than I was the day before. My husband, Sean, is my best friend and my rock.

My children, Alec and Jordan, are my light, and they make me so honored to be their mom. My parents are my foundation! With their guidance, motivation, nurturing, and love, they have helped me become the daughter, wife, and mom I am today. Even now that I’m an adult, I am thankful they continue to be there for me, encouraging me and supporting me.

Favorite family tradition: One of my favorite things to do each year happens on the first few days of a new school year. I take time off work and make them breakfast before they head out the door. When they get home from school, we either go out for ice cream or enjoy fresh-baked cookies. I began this tradition when they were in elementary school, and now that my kids are getting older and graduating high school, I look forward to finding a new tradition for the college years.

If you would do my job for the day, you would be surprised that…. Infants and young toddlers process more than you may think! Their little minds are like sponges. They understand and can soak in so much at such a young age. As I teach and encourage them, I see them grow. I find myself getting even more excited than they do when they accomplish a new task!

My interests outside of work: I enjoy our family trips and excursions, being outdoors, and photography.

Favorite weather or season: That’s a difficult choice. I love summer, because Minnesota winters usually seem long, and I yearn to be outside and enjoy the sun and warmth. I also really like fall as the temperature is perfect, the leaves are changing color, and it’s apple orchard season.

This always makes me laugh: My daughter has the best laugh ever, and it never fails to make me laugh. I usually end up in tears from laughing so hard!

Jenna Roebuck, Infant Room Teacher

My family: Husband, Mike; daughter, Adeline (7); and our pet gecko, Lizzy

Favorite family tradition: I love celebrating my dad’s birthday, because we always get a fancy pie. The berry ones are our favorites!

Key responsibilities of an Infant Room Teacher: Feeding, changing, and helping children be the best versions of themselves are my focus in the Infant Room. I love making them laugh and guiding them to develop physically and mentally, so they can flourish and have a strong sense of self.

Overview of your typical day: At the Center, I read, craft, dance, blow bubbles, and play outside with the children—whatever fun, stimulating activities we can fit into the day. At home, I like to take Adeline out to do something fun, watch Netflix, and tackle those pesky chores!

If you did my job for a day, you’d be surprised that…. I am a huge goofball! I don’t hesitate to sing, dance, and make goofy sounds to make the kids happy.

My interests outside of work: I enjoy photography, dyeing my hair, board games, movies, swimming, and, occasionally, shopping.

The one thing I need in a best friend is… humor and compassion, a shoulder to lean on, and never any judgment.

Favorite weather or season: Fall! Cool, but not cold! I love the colors of the leaves and stepping on the fallen, crunchy ones. So, it follows that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love seeing the creative costumes and, of course, eating some candy.

This always makes me laugh: Adeline playing video games; she has the silliest commentary!

If you came to my house for supper, we’d eat: If I feel ambitious, we’d have enchiladas! If it’s a low-key night, we’d have grilled cheese and tomato soup.

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