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A Good Lent

As Lent begins, there is a phrase from a Lenten hymn that has been echoing in my heart and mind. The words may or may not be familiar to you. They come from the hymn, Christ, the Life of All the Living (LBW #97). Following verses 1 and 2 in which the author recounts the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ, these words resound – Thousand, thousand thanks are due, Dearest Jesus, unto You.

What a thought for Lent!

What a thought for life for a child of God!

Everything we are is a gift that is given to us by God in Christ. Lent calls us to focus in on that as we remember Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection which gives us life, and even abundant life. Yet, there are enemies of faith that seek to not only distract us from God’s gift of salvation in Christ in this life, but that also seek to drive us away from God in Christ forever. Lent calls us to turn away from those things which seek to turn us away from God, and then to return to God in humility, repentance, and faith. When we turn to Him in that way daily, we will find that He is there, and our hearts will be filled with and our voices will profess those thousands upon thousands of thanks that are due to Jesus.

There are many opportunities to grow and to become aware of reasons for thanks to Jesus at Beautiful Savior this Lent.

  • Many are joining my wife Kristin and me in reading The Meaning of Marriage during Lent in preparation for discussion groups beginning April 11.

  • Lenten Wednesday Worship at noon or 6:30pm, using the theme, At the Crossroads, will find us interacting with folks whose roles in Christ’s Passion will teach us about our response to Christ’s love when we come to crossroads in our own lives.

  • Daily devotions for Lent, for both adults and for families with small children, are available in the Gathering Space.

  • Small Group experiences for adults are available at 9:50am each Sunday morning during Lent.

  • You will also find suggestions for service and mission in the community at the Lenten Table in the Gathering Space, and you might have an idea or two of your own that God is leading you to try.

I invite you to join me in making Lent an important priority. When you do so, I think that you will join me in saying through it all – Thousand, thousand thanks are due, Dearest Jesus, unto You.

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