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Expect the Unexpected

To be honest, this is not what we had planned.

When we began planning our trips to India, the goal was to get to know Beautiful Savior’s mission partner, Bible Faith Lutheran Ministries to India, as well as build some meaningful relationships with the people who make up this denomination. And so, we wanted to take the next three years to do just that.

Our first trip was in January 2017. We brought 13 people from Beautiful Savior to the region surrounding Guntur, India. God blessed the trip in many and various ways. We pray for that again as 10 people will be sent in January 2018 to continue the work! But while we have been working to accomplish our goal, God has been accomplishing His as well. It’s actually amazing!

There are new relationships being formed with Indian-American neighbors here in Plymouth. There are new growers who have moved to the United States from India using our Community Garden. There are people from the region of Guntur, India, using our facility during the week. Again, it’s not exactly what we had planned when we went to India, but God is using it for His kingdom.

And in that same vein, maybe a trip to India is not something you have planned. But it might be something God has in His plan for you! Our last trip is scheduled for January 2019, and I pray that God would lead you to come with us and join Him in what He is already doing here and in India.

For more information about Beautiful Savior’s global missions and 2017 trip to India, visit our mission partners online.

Pastor Joe Behnke

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