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The Season for Generosity

Tis the season. . .

No, I am not rushing the season by talking about Christmas in October. Actually, we are always in a season, whether it is a season of the year or a season of life. Participating in the full cycle of the four seasons is one of the great things about living in Minnesota, even if some folks prefer one season over another.

During the season of Autumn 2017 here at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, we will be looking at something that never goes out of season, and that is the topic of generosity. I invite you to join us as we consider God’s generosity to us in Christ and our generosity that is shared in response. The first three Sundays of November have been set apart to consider the Whole-Life Generosity Cycle, which is illustrated in the diagram below.

As we consider what God has to say about generosity in the Scriptures, we will all be asked to seek God’s leading and to respond to that leading by bringing our financial commitments forward on the weekend of November 18/19. Watch for a mailing with more information to be delivered to your home in mid-October. For now, I wanted you to know that we will be focusing on this in November instead of January.

Why the change? We think this will help us prepare as individuals and as a church to prepare our hearts and minds to grow in generosity during every season of 2018.

Watch for some special ways to practice generosity over the next few months, as well. Operation Christmas Child is coming in November, and the PRISM Giving Tree is coming in December with more opportunities to come throughout 2018.

Tis the season for generosity – always!

Pastor Tom Stoebig

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